Jonathan A Bernstein, M.D

Vice Chairperson

Leonard Bielory, M.D.

Founder, Past Chairperson, Historian

William Silvers , M.D.

Past Chairperson

Lyndon Mansfield, M.D.

Secretary / Treasurer:

Marissa Reiter Shams, M.D.


Beth Goldfarb

Accounting Administrator

Barbara Mirlisena


Joel Brooks, M.D.
John Cohn, M.D.
Jeffrey Demain, M.D.
William Dolen, M.D.
Daniel Ein, M.D.
Tolly Epstein, M.D.
Stanley Fineman, M.D.
Mario Geller, M.D.
Gary Gross, M.D.
Edgardo Jares, M.D.
Michael Kaliner, M.D.
David Lang, M.D.
Greg Lund
Jonathan Matz, M.D.
Jason Ohayon, M.D.
Sam Patel, R.Ph., MBA
David Rosenthal, D.O.,Ph.D.
Marc Rothenberg, M.D.
Nathan Segall, M.D.
Jenny Shilozberg, M.D.
Bernard Silverman, M.D.
Jonathan Spergel, M.D.
Daniel Suez, M.D.
Priscila Geller Wolff, M.D.


President Aharon Kessel, M.D.
Former President Nancy Agmon-Levin, M.D.
Ilan Dalal, M.D.
Scientific Secretary Alon Hershko, M.D.
Treasurer Ramit Segal,M.D.
Membership Arnon Elizur, M.D.

Our Mission

Allergists for Israel was founded in 1984 and the evolving
vision of our group is to:

  • Develop camaraderie by the gathering (nationally and internationally) of Allergists/Immunologists and other supporters of allergy in Israel at national Academy and College allergy meetings.
  • Provide financial support for Israeli allergy fellows for scholarly activities.
  • Establish a network of North American and Israeli Allergists/Immunologists so that we can communicate internationally and meet in the United States and Israel every few years.
  • Develop linkages between American and Israeli Allergists/Immunologists by sponsoring American allergists to visit and speak in Israel.


Our Future Objectives

  • Increase membership worldwide.
  • Increase corporate sponsorship.
  • Increase clinical and basic research scholarship awards.
  • Increase clinical, translational and basic research awards.
  • Create a more functional network for those visiting Israel to connect with our Israeli
    counterparts and visa versa.
  • Increase attendance by AFI members to IAACI annual meetings.